Evergreen Colorado MLS

But in a larger sense the MLS (multiple listing Service) establishes the Real Estate Market. This is especially true in a global economy. If anyone contacts a Real Estate Broker in Parker, or Colorado Spring Your home in Evergreen or Conifer will be exposed to that buyer. Futhermore, showing  that customer Your property, will be well worth it to that Broker, because they will receive approximately one half  of the commission by selling Your property. In every market the customers want the largest selection, and sellers want the greatest exposure. MLS gives both the buyers and sellers what they want and need.


By presenting any home, literally in the world, to all buyers, the market is established, and is able to join buyers and sellers in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Just like the stock or bond market weds buyers and sellers, so also MLS weds Property sellers and Property buyers. 

So please give us a call whether you are buying or sell and we will get You wired to the world. With our web site and our membership in all the MLS services along the Front Range we will advertise Your home world wide. Please, give us a call. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE. We are the one stop shop for all your EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE. Contact us at 303-674-0148, Email us at markenglishrealestate@msn.com or visit us on the web at www.EvergreenRealEstate.org 

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