Evergreen Colorado Real Estate

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 Evergreen Real Estate is an Alpine wonderland snuggled lovingly in the arms of the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. Evergreen boasts of four season living: Spring time bursts forth from the melting snow into green Swiss like meadows carpeted with a mosaic of wild flowers; then warm clear lingering Summer days occasionally punctuated by the crashing boom of thunderous rain storms and then settling back into warm fiery sunsets; Fall is a blaze with the eye shocking brilliant yellow of the autumn aspen celebrating the bountiful harvest of Spring and Summer, the elk bugle in the mountain valleys, as the cool clear chill of Thanksgiving mellows the heart; Winter brings the mountain snows, and Evergreen is dressed up in the deep rich reds and greens of the Christmas holidays as joyous lights celebrate the season, the rich smell of fireplace smoke lingers in the cold air, ice skaters glide across Evergreen Lake, and as the winter clouds droop down on the mountains, the skiers make their passage to the champaign powder where the snow is densely falling on the exhilarating swirling snowy ski slopes just a few miles up the road.



Evergreen Real Estate! Take out your map, take a look; Evergreen is just Southwest of Denver Colorado. Imagine living in the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver only 45 minutes away. Resort living, easy commute to work or the airport, close to skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, picture taking; yet close in to an International city with a thriving high tech job market, professional sports, the symphony, the theatre, great colleges and universities, churches, and world class shopping. Change your life. Call Mark English Real Estate; we’ll help you get your piece of the rock: the Rocky Mountains.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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