Marketing my home in Evergreen Colorado

The statistics are sending us to school when it comes to listing a home in the Denver Metro area. The average selling price to listing ratio is about 90 to 92 %. So it seems that hitting the market price within 8 to 10 % will put the seller in the sights of the homebuyers.

Marketing my home in Evergreen Colorado

Many time when we are called to list a home the sellers want to list high because they are loathed to leave any money on the table. We try to explain that even if they got an offer for the higher price we probable could not get the home appraised for that number and are better being more realistic. It’s the market that determines the price not the seller nor the listing Broker. 

There is the added difficulty of getting the buyers approved for a loan. Even highly qualified buyers are having difficulty booking a mortgage. Also the mortgage fee structure is escalating as the Colorado State regulators chase all the competition out of the mortgage business in an effort to capture the large banking campaign donations.

So if you want to sell in a tough market your must do some tough pricing to move your home. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE and are Your one stop shop for all Your EVERGREEN REAL ESTATE and CONIFER REAL ESTATE. Please, give us a call at 303-674-0148, Email us at or visit us on the web at 

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