Pricing your home for sale in Evergreen


Evergreen is a beautiful community in the Rocky Mountains and home values have remained consistent, but it is a buyers market. Colorado was number 5 from the top of the national foreclosure list. Every area and every home is different but home prices have been trending upward. The demand for homes is high, the inventory low; but buyers are very demanding and are looking for high end features and amenities. Pricing is very important. A Real Estate sale in the Colorado Law is called a “Bargain for Sale.” The sale of a home is more akin to an offer and acceptance than a retail sales transaction. So it’s ultimately the buyers who set the prices, not the sellers. Colorado defines the price of a real estate property as “what a willing buyer, will pay a willing seller, in a reasonable amount of time.” That is decided by analyzing the comparable sales-or sold properties in your area. Real Estate has a fairly consistent price that is determined by the sales comps. If you price your home too high, even if your were to sell the home, it would not appraise by the buyers mortgage appraiser; and the offer would fall through. We will use our professional insights, and work closely with you, to price your home at that maximum point to achieve top dollar but still keep within acceptable appraisal parameters. Call us today to help you with Pricing your home for sale in Evergreen.

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