When a home owner decides to sell their home they are in effect going into business. A home in Evergreen Colorado or Conifer Colorado could be worth any where form $200k to 1 million dollars. If you have never sold any thing with that kind of price tag, you should hire a professional like MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE. If you do try to sell as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) just think what you are saying to the prospective buyer! You are saying I want to make all the money myself. I don’t care about you, about your needs, about showing you sales comparables, about your legal protection, about your mortgage financing – I just want all the money. Every item and every service in our economy has a marketing cost built into the product. If you want to keep that fee, You will need to earn it. So be ready to market yourself and you home.


Job one is to set the price correctly. In todays troubled economic times setting a price is a challenge. County assessments are notoriously wrong and usually too high, because the county is only interested in tax money and most people do not protest their assessed value. The State of Colorado defines the price of a property as what a willing buyer, will pay a willing seller, in a reasonable amount of time. The only way to calculate that figure is to run all the sales comparables, and then add and subtract from the average price to see where you home should be priced at. 

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