For Sale By Owner in Evergreen Colorado

YOUR NOW A SALESMAN WHEN you FSBO: (For Sale By Owner in Evergreen Colorado)

When you list your EVERGREEN REAL ESTATE with MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE you immediately become a vendor presenting your product before a wise and discerning buying public. You are locked into competition with every other home on the market; your price, your home, your location, your presentation are all vitally important. Your property must show well; first impressions are critically important. From the time your prospects views your home or land on our Web Site, to the moment we pull up to the curb, to their first experiences when entering your home their brains are deciding: first adding a plus then subtracting a minus but all the while weighing out every feature, every like, every dislike and comparing them to their needs,  their wants, their desires and most importantly their personal dreams. You don’t have to go it alone give us a call to help you For Sale By Owner in Evergreen Colorado.

Finding a Realestate Broker in Evergreen Colorado

Much of Colorado Real Estate law has to do with the relationship that a Real Estate Broker has with their client. The legal duty of a Fiduciary involves the utmost good faith, trust, special confidence, and candor towards their client. Finding a Realestate Broker in Evergreen Colorado or Fiduciary acts not for his own benefit, but for the benefit of their client in all matters that relate to their Fiduciary Capacity. So then, the Fiduciary transacts for their client, and any money or property he handles, or any advice he gives, any documents he signs, any obligation he contracts for, any debt he agrees to is for the sole benefit of his principal. A Colorado Real Estate Broker is a Fiduciary, and acts in behalf of their client when he or she is hires as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent.

Finding a Realestate Broker in Evergreen Colorado

This duty to act for the sole benefit of another, and subordinating completely ones personal interests to another, is the highest standard of duty implied by law. The character of the Fiduciary is of paramount importance and You should not hire a Real Estate Broker whimsically. It is in Your best interest to hire a Broker who is totally knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate, including Real Estate law, sales, market conditions, financing, construction, development, water laws and rulings, maintenance, renovation, budgeting, resale value, Real Estate tax assessments, appraisal, etc; and Your should hire someone who has the experience to pull all these areas of expertise together to your total benefit. So many transactions involve so many different areas of Real Estate, that to ignore any one could leave You vulnerable.

Finding a Realestate Agent in Evergreen Colorado

We here at MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE are fully versed and fully experienced in all phases of the Real Estate Business. We are PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE BROKERS and can fully and completely advise you on every aspect of any transaction.

The savvy Buyers and Sellers are hiring a PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE BROKER like MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE to represent their needs, wants, and desires exclusively. Please, give us a call and let’s review all Your options. We are an EVERGREEN COLORADO CUSTOM HOME BUILDER as well as MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE. We know Real Estate and we know financing and will work hard to prosper You. Contact us at 303-674-0148, Email us at or visit us on the web at 

Marketing my home in Evergreen Colorado

The statistics are sending us to school when it comes to listing a home in the Denver Metro area. The average selling price to listing ratio is about 90 to 92 %. So it seems that hitting the market price within 8 to 10 % will put the seller in the sights of the homebuyers.

Marketing my home in Evergreen Colorado

Many time when we are called to list a home the sellers want to list high because they are loathed to leave any money on the table. We try to explain that even if they got an offer for the higher price we probable could not get the home appraised for that number and are better being more realistic. It’s the market that determines the price not the seller nor the listing Broker. 

There is the added difficulty of getting the buyers approved for a loan. Even highly qualified buyers are having difficulty booking a mortgage. Also the mortgage fee structure is escalating as the Colorado State regulators chase all the competition out of the mortgage business in an effort to capture the large banking campaign donations.

So if you want to sell in a tough market your must do some tough pricing to move your home. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE and are Your one stop shop for all Your EVERGREEN REAL ESTATE and CONIFER REAL ESTATE. Please, give us a call at 303-674-0148, Email us at or visit us on the web at 

Selling my home in Evergreen Colorado

Selling my home in Evergreen Colorado

When the economy gets difficult, working with the competition doesn’t really seem like a good idea. After all you are competing for business, for customers, and yes for dollars. The Real Estate industry has long ago recognized the advantages of working together with the competition to serve our customers. The Multiple Listing Services are the most powerful marketing tool in the business today.

If we examine the buying and selling process we discover a few principals that have served us well for generations. Sellers will have the best opportunity to sell their home if it is exposed to the highest number of qualified buyers possible. The feed back from this exposure can help sellers zoom in on the market price of their home and reveal any negative features that buyers dislike. Major companies pay large sums of money to run focus groups to determine price and customer reactions, but the MLS service gives sellers and their brokers the same advantages.

Buyers, on the other hand, want and need a large selection of interesting properties to choose from. The greater the selection the better will be their purchase. We all like to shop in the large malls, department stores, and chain grocery stores because of the variety, the price comparison, and the convenience these shopping experiences provide. The greater the inventory, the better the chance we have to make the best purchase possible.

If a buyer answers an add in Parker, every home in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the entire Denver metro area are exposed to this prospect. With the help of their Agent, they can analyze their needs, their job location, the commuting distances, and their budget to determine which neighborhood is best for them. At the same time every home for sale along the Front Range is available for the buyer’s consideration. It is the proverbial “win, win situation.”

Listing my home in Evergreen Colorado

When shopping for a house You need a PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE BROKER who can advise, and educate you about what the house offers and what it does not. You need to examine the property and estimate the cost of bringing the home into the 21st century. We here at MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE are also an EVERGREEN COLORADO CUSTOM HOME BUILDER and we can tell you what it will take to update, and we can draft an offer on the property that will reflect the changes needed. We can also budget the costs and arrange for the financing. Helping people with all their EVRERGREEN REAL ESTATE needs is what we do. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE Your one stop shop for all Your Realty needs. Please give us a call at 303-674-0148, Email us at or visit us on the web at